Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Hatemonger Speaks 

Back in June I put up a couple of postings on the writings of James Atticus Bowden, retired Army officer, and Defense Department consultant, who in his nonofficial capacity is a writer for the extremely far right, the author of such gems as references to judges as "black-robed priest kings" and dismissal of clergy members who are "sissy Christians" "in the arrogant pride of their inclusiveness, diversity, welcoming and progressiveness." To illegal immigrants he says, "Happy Thanksgiving, illegal immigrants, now leave. This is our American home, not a whorehouse." I also provided a link to an official paper he wrote while in the Army in 1985.

Yesterday he left a comment thanking me for finding the Steadfast paper (the official paper), and inquiring if I had found it online somewhere. I'm not fond of bloggers who use "um," but in this case I feel it's totally appropriate.

Um, yeah, I found it online. That's how I was able to provide the link to the online copy. At a website. Online.

But I do have to give him credit for his polite thanks and civil inquiry. It provides no insights into the workings of his multifaceted disdain for others, but at least he tried.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:53 AM