Monday, September 13, 2004

Jersey Girl 

Why is it that Ben Affleck is so much better when he's in a Kevin Smith film than when he's working for any other director? I'm not as big an Affleck basher as The Girl is, but he has come off as rather one-dimensional and wooden in some of his efforts. But when he's working for Smith, he wins me over every time.

Speaking of Kevin Smith, he wanted this to be the tagline for the Jersey Girl promos: "You'd have to be a totally jaded dick not to like this movie." While I probably would have phrased it differently, I totally agree.

Jersey Girl is the story of single dad Ollie Trinke (Affleck) and his 7-year-old daughter, Gertie (Raquel Castro). This is a romantic comedy of sorts (including good use of the Big Chase Scene), but while there is some grown-up romance early between Ollie and Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez), his wife who dies in childbirth, and later between Ollie and Maya (Liv Tyler), the local video store clerk, the real romance is between Ollie and his daughter, as they each learn how important they are to each other, and what sacrifices each would make to ensure the other's happiness.

Also providing substance is George Carlin as Ollie's dad and to some extent his conscience. Plus there are a number of cameos, as in any Kevin Smith project.

Pick up the DVD and a box of tissues - you'll need them a number of times.

Reality Check: The Girl liked this one as well. She was still blowing her nose an hour after the end credits. Of course whenever we watch something that makes one of us cry (happy or sad tears), we have to check with each other to make sure we're not alone in the sappiness. We were in this one together.

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