Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lost in the Comment Sphere 

I wish Haloscan had some easy way to determine to what post a particular comment is attached. When I go into the Haloscan screen that lists all the comments, they're listed in chronological order. If there are more than one comment on a particular post, you'll see all of them when viewing any of them, but there's no indication as to the origin post. I love the service otherwise, though.

Usually this isn't a problem, since people most often comment on the most recent posts. But sometimes a comment is made to an older post, and the origin isn't always obvious from the comment. Then I have to flip through the monthly archives, checking Comments for the one in question.

Today I had the following comment pop up:
Take it from one who knows you are miles away from drawing any similarity with your specified comparisons.You will make a great lawyer if you continue to assume. But the judge might disagree on that point. Perhaps you should be aware that assuming makes an ass out of U and Me

Sounds like it was probably prompted by one of my lefty liberal political or legal related posts. I went to the main page, but it wasn't on any of those. Then I started searching through previous months, checking for any posts of that sort with single comments. Nothing. I checked again. Nothing. So I checked again, only this time I also looked at the unlikely candidates, such as movie reviews, etc. Bingo. It was attached to this post, which contained the inflammatory and highly assumption-laden news that Jodie Foster would be starring in the film Flight Plan. I made some references to movies with similar-sounding plots, and a note about the popularity of Jodie Foster among visitors to Provincetown.

I'm thinking that Bob, the commenter, assumed he was on some other post and that his comment would have a more biting edge to it than it wound up projecting. Sorry, Bob. Feel free to come back again and re-comment in the right place so I can be sure to be appropriately offended!

UPDATE (1:20 pm): I checked on Sitemeter to see if I could figure out how Bob arrived at the blog, and I noticed that someone got here through a search for Jodie Foster Flight Plan. I'm going to make a big assumption here (sorry) that this was indeed Bob. So perhaps he actually did mean to attach the comment where he did. If that's the case, I think perhaps he confused any notes I may have made comparing the basic publicized plot with the plots of other shows and movies with the idea that I assumed these comparisons were complete or accurate. And I really don't get his connection between my preproduction film speculation with a legal career, or anyone's state of ass-hood. Perhaps Bob is on the production crew for the film? Good for you, Bob. I'd love to hear any inside scoop you could provide. But perhaps you might check your own assumptions first.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:00 PM