Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lost - Pilot (Part I) 

Whoa. Seriously cool show. I'm so happy. The soundtrack, the lighting, the pacing, the subtle and gradual story and character development, the small pieces of mystery, the timing of the breaks, the acting!

The opening title gradually enlarging and coming into focus, followed by the sudden shot of the eye opening and pupil dilating. Realization of pain. Struggling through the jungle, suddenly on a beautiful beach. What's that noise? A few steps more and he's at the frenetic crash site. The way the noise of the still functioning jet engine would fade when he focused on a particular cry for help.

The look on Kate's face as she reverently removed the hiking boots from the body that no longer needed them. The snotty attitude of spoiled chick, who "will eat on the rescue boat!" The sound effects. Was Charlie rescuing his stash from the lavatory or something?

What's the story with Spoiled Chick and Dense Boy? Are they a couple? Siblings? How about Daniel Dae Kim and Silent Subservient Female? Another couple? Is he smuggling her into the country? Are they fleeing persecution? Are they simply xenophobic?

Who's Vincent? Is it a scary monster that Dad made up? Is it Kid's imaginary friend? Is it the golden labrador that's watching them?

What the hell is that noise? They said it sounded familiar. Is it a time loop, and they're hearing their plane crash, but slightly distorted? What chewed up the pilot and spit him out? Didn't he taste good?

Speaking of the pilot, that was the one piece of predictability that I spotted. As soon as he stuck his swollen purple face out that window I was sure he was doomed. But when he paused and turned to place the transceiver on the seat - his fate was sealed.

In the flashback to the flight scene, who were the two people that ran up the aisle in a hurry? Was it flight crew? Was it whoever caused the explosion? What did cause the explosion?

How many times did I catch myself holding my breath during this episode? Is my face now swollen and purple like the pilot? Oh well, I have a whole week to breath until the next episode is on.
UPDATE (9/24): I saved the Tivo recording so The Girl could watch it, as I had a feeling she might enjoy it. She watched it last night while I was in class and is just a hooked as I am.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:20 PM