Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lost: Pilot (Part II) 

This week we got answers to most of the questions I posed after last week's episode, as follows:

Yes, Charlie was indeed rescuing his stash from the lavatory. In the flashback sequence, we see that the people running around in the aisles were Charlie and the flight crew, who thought he was acting suspiciously. Turns out he was jonesing for a fix, which he got when he ducked into the lav. Unfortunately for him, that's when the turbulence and explosion sequence began, so he dropped the baggie and opted to get to an oxygen mask rather than try to retrieve it.

Spoiled Chick and Dense boy are siblings. Spoiled Chick apparently has a long history of drinking in Paris instead of studying, and of making a series of choices designed to infuriate her family, usually with great success. Memorable dialogue:

Spoiled Chick: I've suffered a trauma!
Dense Boy: We all have. The only difference is that you gave yourself a pedicure.

Still no factual information about Daniel Dae Kim and Silent Subservient Female. Although we know that DDK is proficient at shellfish collection and subsequent sushi preparation, and SSF is not silent, and is quietly rebellious from her subservience. Maybe I'll change her name to Soft-spoken Subjugated Female.

Vincent is The Kid's dog. The Kid's name is Walt. Mom and Dad were separated, Mom and Walt moved around a lot, but Mom recently died at their current home in Australia. Apparently Walt and Vincent were on their way to living with Dad. Dad doesn't seem too upset about Vincent's apparent death, and makes the extreme misjudgment of trying to cheer Walt up by promising to get a new dog when they get home. Hey, why don't you promise to pick up a new Mom while you're at it? Give the kid a chance to grieve. And to find Vincent in the jungle.

We also got new information on a number of passengers, and of course, new questions.

Orange Peel Mouth Bald Guy, formerly The CAG on JAG, actually can speak. He loves backgammon, and befriends Walt. While describing the game, he points out that there are two sides, one dark and one light. He says this with much gravity, so you know he has deeper meanings. A reference to the duality of humanity, to the circle of life, to Three Dog Night? He then asks Walt if he wants to know a secret. End scene. I think he's going to be the mysterious Knower of Things.

One passenger, Sayid, is a former member of the Iraqui Republican Guard, and he was able to repair the transceiver, but they have limited battery life for it. They then heard a looping message that apparently has been repeating for 16 years, 5 months. Hey - find the source and scavenge that Energizer battery!

Then we have Angry White Man, who perhaps has some tortured past. We know this because he was reading a letter and looking wounded. Then he lashed out with some typical playground bully activity, like picking on the Arab (Sayid) and the fat guy (Hurley). He also took a handgun and U.S. Marshall's badge from a body at some point - we didn't actually see it. The gun came in handy when he shot down the charging polar bear. Yep, polar bear.

Accusations are then hurled that Sayid was a prisoner that the marshall was transporting (Walt found some handcuffs in the jungle). Kate then deftly swipes the gun from Angry White Man's grasp, and asks if anyone knows how to unload it. Sayid gives her minimal instructions which she carries out with way too much ease. She totally knows how to field strip an M16 blindfolded, if you ask me. We then see through flashback that Kate was the one in handcuffs, being transported for something she may or may not have done, perhaps with or without justification. We're supposed to assume that her captor was the U.S. Marshall, but I'm not so sure that's the case. Maybe the marshall/prisoner combo was another pair, or perhaps Kate's the marshall but she totally screwed up and her prisoner took over her identity.

During Kate's flashback, we see that during the airplane event, her captor was struck in the head by flying luggage, and passed out. Kate managed to get the handcuff keys, free herself, affix her oxygen mask and then made sure to affix his oxygen mask as well.

Speaking of Maybe U.S. Marshall, he's the guy with metal sticking out of his gut. Jake decides he has to remove it, and enlists Hurley to hold the patient down in case he wakes up. Hurley passes out at the sight of blood, and then of course the patient wakes up. The first thing he asks is not "Where am I?" or "What happened?" or even "Why are you slicing into me with a straight razor?" Nope, he wants to know, "Where is she?"

End episode.
UPDATE (2:14 pm): Thanks to TelevisionWithoutPity's recaplet, I'm reminded of a plot point and amusing scene. After DDK prepared his conch sushi and slapped away SSF's hand, he attempted to distribute it to the other passengers, without much success. He became insistent that Pregnant Girl have some, and she finally did so apparently in an effort to make the crazy man go away. Well, either this was some magic sushi or the immobile-for-a-day baby really hates raw seafood, because the kid instantly reacted by kicking away inside mom's gut. Pregnant Girl was overcome with joy, and grabbed DDK's hand and made him feel her stomach and the action contained therein. He was quite overcome with horror at this highly inappropriate violation of his sense of decorum, and scurried away down the beach.

In related news, SSF witnesses Kate wading in the ocean in her scivvies, and tries to tell or warn Kate about something. Kate nods understandingly and does absolutely nothing. SSF later pointedly unbuttons her top button which DDK had insisted she keep closed. Either she's catching the flame of rebellion, or she's hoping for some flames with Kate and her athletic, ocean sprayed bod. Or both. Time will tell.

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