Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Terry Gross Article 

WNYC has published Terry Gross' Introduction to her new book, All I Did Was Ask. This introduction stands alone as a fabulous article, providing insights into NPR's Fresh Air host, her interviewing philosophy and style, and what happens behind the scenes in the production of this show. Be sure to read her thoughts on interviews with Bill O'Reilly and Gene Simmons (I heard that one during its original airing. I alerted my office neighbors to turn it on, as it was fascinating to hear it devolve while she struggled to maintain a level of professionalism higher than shock radio. She did an amazing job maintaining her composure in the face of his incredibly boorish behavior. That interview is one of the transcripts included in the book, which is a collection of transcripts from interviews with arts-related guests: writers, actors, directors, musicians and visual artists.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:32 AM