Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tivo Plus Netflix!!!! 

I'll expand this post after lunch, but Tivo and Netflix may be joining forces!!
UPDATE: 1:27 pm - MSNBC and Newsweek report in the above referenced article that later this month Tivo and Netflix will be announcing a partnership through which people who subscribe to both services will be able to receive their Netflix rentals directly into their Tivo box. Apparently the key to the process is Tivo's acquisition of Strangeberry, whose software enables the cable downloads. The system won't be instantaneous, as a film download is projected to take several hours. But it's faster than waiting for the post office to return one DVD and bring you the next one. Now mind you, I'm a big Netflix fan, but it would be a great bonus to be able to commence acquisition of the next movie in your queue as soon as you'v finished the previous one. Plus it will work on weekends and holidays, unlike the United States Postal Service!

I would think that Netflix would have to redesign their pricing structure, however. With the rapid turnaround, the incentive to upgrade to the more-movies-at-one-time would be much less appealling.

However they work it out, I'm looking forward to the official announcement and will be checking the headlines for confirmation of what the two companies are currently calling a rumor.

And if you find yourself out getting yourself a Tivo of your very own, don't forget who kept you informed!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:39 AM