Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tru Calling Delayed, Episodes Reduced 

Sci-Fi Wire reports today that Fox is delaying Tru Calling to a midseason slot, and might cut the episode order to 6 from 13. What is with their timing? This was a crappy show almost all season, but I kept watching because it was like a car wreck or a loose tooth. I had to keep watching and checking. And then it actually started to get better at the end of the season. And then they signed on Jane Espenson. There was hope! But it's Fox, darling of the reality show fans, so not really so much hope.

But what really kills me is that when Fox renewed Tru Calling in the spring, they apparently promoted this as "their willingness to be patient and give shows with potential time to find an audience," according to the Hollywood Reporter (SFW quotes them, but I can't find the original HR article).

Yeah, that's why they killed Wonderfalls after four episodes. This was a show that generated an instant following and rave reviews. It was nominated for Outstanding New Program, even though it was no longer on the air! Patience my fucking ass.

More probable is that it's cheaper and faster to produce reality shows. I guess they have an even bigger car wreck/loose tooth appeal. The masses keep watching, and the advertisers pay for eyeballs NOW, not after an audience develops.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:19 AM