Friday, September 03, 2004

The TV Cometh 

The giant tv has at last been healed and is being returned to its perfectly sized giant entertainment center this afternoon. Yes, it's been in the shop since July 26, during the DNC. First many of the technicians were on vacation because everyone took vacation that week. Then they checked it out and ordered the part. Then the part didn't arrive. Then the part still didn't arrive. Then the part arrived, but the technician hadn't had a chance to install it. Then he installed it, but it was still having problems so he had to work on it some more. But now it's done!

Now for the delivery date. I call this morning: "How's Tuesday sound?" I'm thinking, "How's a new interpretation on the phrase "tv dinner" sound? Because if that tv's not in my house today or early tomorrow you're going to be eating the thing." They had previously assured me that they deliver on Saturday, and the message they left yesterday said they could even have delivered it yesterday...had they called at my work number I gave them for daytime contact instead of my home number. But instead I replied in a disappointed voice, "Not until Tuesday? The tv's been there for over a month..."

That got him. "Well, let's see... Oh, I could run it out there at the end of today. I wouldn't want you to go the long holiday weekend without a tv." "That would be great. Thank you so much!"

Diplomatic skills are a wonderful thing. As are giant television sets.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:34 AM