Friday, October 15, 2004

Joan of Arcadia - Back to the Garden 

First off, an apology. Glynis, I'm sorry I referred to you as Gwynneth last week. I don't know what came over me.

Bravo for Judith and her portrayal by Sprague Grayden this week. I momentarily despised her when she totally insulted and dismissed Joan in order to look cool to her new stoner friends, but then I could see that she immediately regretted it, but was afraid to take it back since she figured she had now completely alienated her old friend and so had to preserve her new connections. By the end when she finally figured out what she wanted to do, and that Joan wasn't going to abandon her because of the party misdeeds, The Girl and I cheered as Judith faced down the bulldozers. Nice touch tying in the gardening info retained from the time with her dad, and that Stoner God let Joan know that Judith was also planting little bulbs of rebellion in the form of flowers that will grow in the spring in defiance of the new bleachers.

Stoner God: "Yeah, these jeans are really comfy." Bwah! God's wearing baggy jeans hanging halfway down his ass! He'd better not manifest in Louisiana like that.

The featured color in the drab blue-gray police station this week was the yellow strip down Roebuck's uniform slacks. Does that mean he's a coward? That he's a ray of sunshine? I think the whole suspicion that he's the corrupt ringleader is too obviously a red-herring for my taste. I don't think they would have had Will and his ravenous sidekick figure it out so quickly if he were the one.

Please, please, please don't turn Grace into a gooey smitten teen. That would just be so wrong.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:53 AM