Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Liberty Film Festival 

Darn it all, I keep just missing these self-proclaimed groundbreaking conservative film festivals! First the American Film Renaissance in heart of Texas, now the Liberty Film Festival, in the heart of Hollywood.

The tag line on their poster is "Liberating Hollywood. One Film at a Time." The organizers clearly targeted their festival with politics in mind, and couldn't escape the Michael Moore as Moby Dick trap into which the AFR fell. The homepage promotes:

hollywood's first conservative film festival
right before the election
right in the heart of hollywood
& there's nothing michael moore can do about it

Even though it's too late to attend (it was held this weekend, October 1-October3), you can still get a piece of history by purchasing an official poster. They say it will "thrill your friends" and "offend liberals." You can also view trailers for many of the films from the festival site, which also provides links to many of the films' websites.

The festival was organized by co-directors and married couple Jason Apuzzo and Govindi Murty, who were both apparently young conservative stars at Yale, and who both went on to careers in the film industry. The Washington Post has a review of the festival.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:28 PM