Saturday, October 02, 2004

Margaret Cho - State of Emergency 

The Girl and I ventured up to Hampton Beach, NH to see Margaret Cho on her State of Emergency Tour.

Hampton Beach is where all the straight high school and college kids work during the summer, and where all the straight families who don't go to the Cape go for their summer beach trips. Arcades, fried dough stands, souvenir shops, surf shops, etc. You get the picture. The show was at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, which is this old and very large establishment, but which now looks a bit like a renovated barn on the inside. This place is so very, very straight. NASCAR straight, if you know what I mean.

But not last night. Gay girls and boys of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes, along with assorted straight liberals, invaded quiet little off-season Hampton Beach, took it over and had our own little ball at the Ballroom.

Bruce Daniels provided the opening entertainment, and he got us warmed up and laughing. Then Margaret Cho took over. The world. She rocks. Period. She just rocks. Nothing I could say would do her justice. Check out her blog, and also her videos (link from her blog), for a taste. Then get out and see the show.

And if you ever do wander up to Hampton Beach, be sure to have lunch or dinner at Ocean Wok, one of the best chinese restaurants in the world. It's right on the Hampton side of the bride to Seabrook. I actually lived with my psycho-ex in a winter rental in Salisbury, which is just on the Massachusetts side of the state line, fell in love with this restaurant then and have been coming back ever since.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:45 AM