Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Train Rolls Down the Track 

Since I began law school last year, I've had the feeling of being on a train, but my job on the train has evolved.

Last year I was the stoker, and I had to keep shoveling, shoveling, shoveling to keep moving toward the final destination of exams. Work it, work it , work it. Work harder, put your head down, have to keep up.

This year I'm getting the feeling that the engines are fully stoked, and my job now is to keep my hands on the controls and keep the train on the tracks. The landscape of the semester is flying by so fast, and with the cargo of classes and outside projects there's no stopping this thing. But if I lose focus or take my eyes off the rails for a moment, I might find myself either hurtling off the track or blowing up the furnace with too much steam. Then it's an exponential amount of work to get things going again.

Assuming I stay on the main line through the rest of this year, what new challenges will the next two years bring?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:51 AM