Thursday, November 18, 2004

Behold the Gadget Goddess 

(To be read in a booming, pretentious voice)

I am a Gadget Goddess.
The Girl has great wisdom.
Ours is now a two Tivo household.
You may bask in the reflected glow of my good fortune.
(Return to whatever voice you have assigned to me in your mind)

Upon my return home at 10:15 last night, I was greeted with a freshly prepared dinner of delicious steak with a divine marinade, accompanied by spicy sauteed shrimp atop a zesty remoulad served in a hipster martini glass. There were some veggies too, but do they really matter? This was followed by a birthday pudding and whipped cream, complete with candle. Apparently there was a logistical problem when she first prepared the dessert, as the nonfat whipped cream gradually melted and lost its shape, which left the candle floating in a white pond. Fresh topping was reapplied prior to presentation, however, and I never would have known if The Girl hadn't filled me in.

Then came the unwrapping of the rather large box, which came complete with three coordinating colored ribbons arranged in very professional curls. It was a Tivo!!!!!

I've been dancing around the idea of a second Tivo for some time, but The Girl always managed to convince me that we didn't really need one right now. In truth she was simply delaying me so she could get it for my birthday. She did an excellent job keeping it a secret - it nearly killed her.

So no more Sunday rushing about to clean up the kitchen and get upstairs in time to watch Cold Case "live" while Tivo records Charmed downstairs. No more rushing to get snacks during commercials while watching Cold Case or other show upstairs. No more having to choose which of two competing shows to record if we're not going to be home. We can continue watching Boston Legal once The L Word season starts. Life is good.

While The Girl commenced cleaning up after dinner, I said I was just going to "bring the Tivo upstairs." We're going away this weekend, and the plan was that Friday morning while The Girl was getting an oil change before we hit the road, I would set up and program the new addition. But once I got upstairs, I figured I'd just take it out of the box and maybe hook up the wiring. Of course, before I hooked up the wiring it seemed like it would be more convenient to have it with me while I was online activating the service (and listing ROGUESLAYERLAWSTUDENT@COMCAST.NET as the referring party, thus adding another 5,000 Tivo Rewards points to our account: hint, hint to anyone who is activating a new Tivo), so that's what I did.

Once you activate it, they say you'll need to wait a few hours before you'll be able to download the program data. But since I was up and The Girl was still working in the kitchen, it seemed logical to get all the wiring set up and start the Guided Setup (specifying your cable box brand and lineup, picking a local phone number for the programming calls, etc.). Once I got to the Download Programming section, I thought I'd give it a try. We had been activated! The downloading takes about 20 minutes, then it needs to process the data, which does take several hours the first time. Once the downloading was done and Tivo was merrily crunching the numbers in the background, I finished up my part by programming the Tivo remote to control the power on both the tv and the stereo. By this point The Girl was already in bed and asleep (I'd turned off the stereo so she wouldn't have to listen to the ubiquitous "be-boop" noises of Tivo programming). I turned off the light and went to sleep myself, secure in the knowledge that I truly am a Gadget Goddess.

Life is good.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:44 AM