Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Day Gear Up 

The entire Copley Square area is a sea of satellite trucks, media trailers, metal frame stands and support structures, crowd control barriers and wiring. All the sidewalks are blocked off, except for a little carved out area around the bus shelter. The buses can't actually pull over because of the media trucks parked there, but they do stop in the lane of traffic to let people on and off.

I awaited my bus this morning outside the CBS and Reuters trailers, while workers continued assembling the gigantic wood model of a waving flag behind the grandstand. I wonder what the City Year kids are going to do this morning? They usually assemble on the grass for morning calisthenics and work assignments. The grassy area in the middle of the square is now surrounded by all these trucks, plus the grass itself has been divided into sections with crowd control barriers.

But this is all good, so long as tomorrow night all this preparation is being put to good use in a massive election night celebration.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:17 AM