Sunday, November 07, 2004

Indigo Girl Fan Nears 40 

My 40th birthday is approaching. I'm a stalwart believer in this being no big thing. I ride my Razorboard through the city, I enjoy being active and going to silly movies and watching silly shows, I go to concerts. You get the picture.

But as part of my birthday package, The Girl took me to see the Indigo Girls last night at Lupo's at The Strand, in Providence, RI. This is a former theater (think opera set up - stage, balconies, etc.) that is now a night club and performance venue. We first worked our way to within 15 feet of the stage. Awesome. Then after a while listening to the warmup band, The Girl went off to scope out the rest of the place, as we're both rather short and had difficulty seeing without popping up onto our toes.

We ended up sitting way up in the top balcony, in the third row from the back (general admission), and were much happier. We chose the nosebleed seats over standing near the stage. I guess some concessions must be made to the years. Plus my knee is still sore from those two recent Razorboard wipeouts.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:01 AM