Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Joan of Arcadia - Book of Questions 

Okay, so I'm warming up to the Luke-Grace thing, but I still think that Joan and Grace would be better off together. The best chemistry occurs when Grace shimmies on up the drainpipe for a chat with Joan. I'm thinking there have been a lot of these pipe-shimmying meetings off camera, because Grace is much better at it than she used to be. The first time she was definitely clinging to the pipe, and needed assistance, but now she's quite casual about the whole thing, and even takes a hand off in order to gesture.

But what's up with these other Grace changes? I'm not talking about the recent insights into Judaism and her personal growth regarding her family and secrets. No, these are all good things. I'm talking about the sudden change in appearance. She's definitely going for a smooth silky hair look. This is going beyond combing and evenly applied haircuts. She's got some product going on! And there was definitely a trace of makeup in the school hallways. Come on - I like my Grace rough around the edges! And where's her skateboard? I expressed fear that with this whole Luke relationship they were going to turn her into a girly-girl, and these fears are only getting worse.

Now that we're finally getting to meet Grace's mom, I'm glad they're making her a three-dimensional character, and showing Grace's mixed emotions. It would have been too easy to make her just "bad mom," and have Grace simply despise her. Life isn't that easy.

Meanwhile, the Girardi hearth is getting a little dicey. Seems there's some relationship backsliding to how things were before Kevin's accident. I really don't think Will has a clue that Lucy has it bad for him. Which she definitely does. But how did Helen know it even before she met Lucy? Was she simply projecting because of her own temptations with Jeremy?

All I know is that was a great portrait of Judith. We miss you, Judith!

Best line:
Glynis to Luke, referring to Grace: "You wanted someone emotionally complex. Enjoy!"

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:22 PM