Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No Serenity Until Next Fall 

Sci-Fi Wire reports that Joss Whedon's film Serenity is now scheduled for release September 30, 2005, after Universal Pictures decided that the original release target of April 2005 was getting a little crowded for their target audience.

They haven't updated the official site yet, or even maintained it very well for that matter. It still has the April release date displayed, and the blog hasn't been updated since September 17. Actually, the "blog" is more like a monthly news update page which only lasted a few months. Five posts in total. I would have thought that Joss and people working with him would have been much more obsessive than that. Even more surprising is that you can't link back to the main Serenity site from the blog. The synopsis page is a tiny little pop-up with a couple of paragraphs. The most effort seems to have been put into Browncoats, the online community in which they hope to cultivate a rabid audience. But even that's not all that interesting. The old Firefly site (now the DVD promo site) had a lot more to offer.

I'm hoping this is all because all the creative energy has been put into the film production itself, and they just assumed that Whedon fans can be counted on to make our own fun.
But I'm a sucker for online fun and distraction, so I joined The Browncoats. Now if only they'd update their banners:

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:26 AM