Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Registration Stuff 

Now that I'm approaching the second semester of my second year, evening division, I can finally start with some electives. Okay, one. I chose Land Use Law. Unfortunately, this class has a limit of 20 people, and seniors get priority. Bottom line: there are about 20 people ahead of me on the waitlist.

I just sent over my add request to the Registrar, for Environmental Law. This has a 30-person max, and didn't fill during the initial registration period. It will mean having class on Tuesday nights, which I was trying to avoid, but Land Use Law would have meant having some long stretches of classtime, like Mondays 4:30-9:40 (after working 8 hours during the day). So with this new schedule I'll have class 4 nights/week, but nothing before 6 pm.

I had to make a little run over to the Student Accounts Office yesterday, as I had received my statement of account from their office, and apparently I've been enrolled in the student insurance program at the cost of $1200/year, despite my having signed a waiver last spring. I'm paying plenty for insurance through my job, thank you very much. Yesterday I filled out a petition for late waiver, which has to go to the insurance company for approval. They require a "valid reason" for requesting a waiver at this late date. I hope mine is satisfactory: "I'm being charged for the insurance, even though I already signed a waiver." I should hear within a week.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:44 AM