Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Shopping Drama 

Last week I picked up some new workout clothes, in the hopes that I would then be motivated to go to the gym. Unfortunately, I didn't try the stuff on, and some of it fit but some of it was too small, depending on the brand. How depressing is that? I'm too fat for my workout clothes...

So today at lunch I took the stuff back to Sports Authority, and waited in line at customer service. She took the bag and said I could go pick out the replacements. Then I had to come back and wait in line again. When I got up to the guy at the register, the manager woman gave him my bag, and he began ringing out the old stuff and marking the receipt. While he was doing this, he said he would need my license.

"My license?"
"Yes, we need your license for any returns."
"I don't have my license. I have the credit card (debit card) I bought the stuff with."
"We mark them as returns, so I need your license."
"It's not a return, I'm exchanging them for the exact same item."
"We treat them as returns."

I didn't see any point in trying to force the issue, so I gave in.

"Well, just give everything back to me, because I don't have my license."

He looks at the manager, who nods, and then without saying anything he proceeds to continue ringing everything out and back in. I got $7 back because the shorts are on sale this week.

When she opened the cash drawer the manager said "Just for future reference, we do require a driver's license for any returns. It's printed right on the receipt."

"I wasn't returning - just exchanging for the exact same items."

If they had just treated it as an exchange they would have been up $7. By the way, they didn't ask me for my license when they originally processed my credit card last week.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:38 PM