Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sound Bytes from the World O'Geeks 

This post brought to you courtesy of FMB, aka Latin Barbie, who is allowing me to excerpt a recent e-mail from her. She is a combination of geek, fashion girl, Ed Wood and Martha Stewart, with a healthy dose of OCD tendencies. Don't even ask about her pen collection - you'll never get away.

Anyway, she made a trip to Lenscrafters recently for some new specs. Commentary as follows:

A very cute stylish boy helped me to choose a very nice pair of frames that are quite contemporary and with-the-times. FMB is incapable of this task. I kept reverting back to my favorite safety blanket glasses - the thick tortoise shell plastic type that scream LATINA URKEL and he said "NO, NO, NO you are a Goddess, an Executive Assistant--show off your style Girl!!"

My response was "I don't have style I am a Geek and I love my safety glasses" and the WHOLE place started laughing! The glasses cost me $145 for the frames and a smidge more for the lenses-so I walked out spending about $300. Oy vey!

Geeks and glasses. Can't have one without the other.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:02 PM