Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving Weekend Away 

Off The Girl and I go to Maine for the long weekend. Hopefully we'll make the 5 hour drive in less than 10 hours...

TV notes:

Joan was less of a tear fest last week, which was welcome. They did a good job at regressing the characters, but they couldn't hide the fact that Luke shouldn't have been taller than Joan in the flashbacks. And wow - talk about dysfunction! I hadn't pictured the family dynamic as being so drastically different before they moved to Arcadia.

Joan's face when Luke and Grace kissed in front of her. Priceless.

I watched Charmed last night on Tivo. Getting better, although I can't help thinking that they did this Avatar thing with Cole. He got to see the future he created, then his final act as Avatar was to de-Avatarize himself. Am I making this up?

Having Leo at least admit that he has something he can't tell anyone about is a nice change from the constant accusations and guilty secrecy. Perhaps we'll lose the brooding altogether. I really wouldn't mind.

Well, back to packing up my stuff. The Girl is at the grocery store picking up supplies for pomegranate punch, which we'll be making tomorrow, as well as sandwich material to keep us alive on the road trip. Then a couple of lattes will be in order as we hit the highway.

Ta till Monday. Have a lovely Thanksgiving all!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:37 PM