Friday, December 10, 2004

Charmed - Witchness Protection 

Both Charisma Carpenter and John DeLancie made return appearances in yet another episode that pissed me off, so much so that I couldn't blog about it for over a week.

Charisma returned in her previous role as The Seer, only this time she's trying to go to the other side - apparently in more ways than one. The story is that all the many years of seeing good things in her visions has made her long for something more than the emotional wasteland of demonhood, and she offers to give crucial info on her underworld compadres in exchange for protection and being made human.

In the course of the negotiations, she and Phoebe do quite a bit of bonding, which The Seer doesn't mind -"even the touching." Yeah, there were a lot of major bonding vibes going on, which in the world of Charmed, marked The Seer for extinction.

Sure enough, just as she's about to get her wish, Charisma gets wiped by a big baddie demon. An as usual when a lesbian or possibly lesbian gets killed on this show, there was nary a regret shown among the Halliwell trio. What's the deal here?

And yet I keep watching.

In other news, Agent Brody did something off camera to Paige, as she's had a too sudden change in her attitude about sacrificing innocents for the greater good.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:45 PM