Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve Without Shopping 

It's barely after 9:00 am on Christmas Eve, and I am completely and thoroughly done with my gift purchases. Thanks once again to The Girl, I just barely averted yet another of my Christmas Shopping Meltdowns earlier this week. This has been going on for decades. But she took charge, dragged me out from beneath the soft blanket under which I was hiding on a cushy living room chair one evening this week (I was also enjoying the fact that I could just sit there with no guilt about whatever legal reading I wasn't doing at the moment), and forced my organizational genes to kick in and do their stuff. Now that she's seen the Magic Folder, I suspect she won't be putting up with any further bouts of being overwhelmed by such easily conquerable tasks as Christmas shopping. Sigh.

I mentioned that throughout the year I always see things that I think would be nice for one relative or another, and perhaps this coming year I should just get the items when I see them rather than trying to remember them and relocate the store at the end of the year. She thought that was a good idea, and I'm sure she'll be reminding me of it every couple of months.

The Christmas Shopping Meltdown has been my steady companion for most of my life - what will I do without it?

Oh, yeah - enjoy the season instead of dreading it...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:18 AM