Tuesday, December 07, 2004

First Amendment Project 

Court TV and The Sundance Channel have teamed up to produce a four part series entitled "The First Amendment Project," which will begin airing this evening on both channels. Each of these 30-minute episodes was created by a different director and focuses on a different issue involving the First Amendment.

Up tonight (the link on the episode title is to the Sundance Channel page; the parenthetical link is to the corresponding Court TV link):

9:00: Fox vs. Franken (Court TV link) - Directors Chris Hegedus and Nick Doob take a look at satire and trademarks, through the attempts of Fox News to prevent Al Franken from using the phrase "Fair and Balanced" in his book title.

9:30: Poetic License (Court TV link) - Director Mario Van Peebles state censorship of sponsored art, focusing on a controversy between New Jersey and the state's Poet Laureate, who authored a poem that some felt was antisemitic.

Next week:

9:00: Some Assembly Required (Court TV link) - Director John Walter examines the balancing act playing out between the right to assembly and the security interests of the state. Production for this episode took place during and in the immediate area of the Republican National Convention.

9:30: No Joking (Court TV link) - Director Bob Balaban takes a look at what is considered protected speech when it comes to comedy and satire, beginning with the ordeals of comedian Lenny Bruce.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:58 PM