Friday, December 03, 2004

Greek Lawyers Won't Sue to Censor Alexander 

For weeks now a group of 25 Greek attorneys have been threatening to seek an injunction against the showing of Oliver Stone's new film Alexander, a biopic about Alexander the Great. While they hadn't actually seen the film, they were concerned about all the rumors that the film portrays Alexander as bisexual, something which has been considered for years to have been likely. Don't get them wrong - there's nothing WRONG with being gay, it's just that it's not true. In one article they likened the situation to if a filmmaker attempted to portray George W. Bush as a professional basketball player.

Well, now they've actually gone to a screening of Alexander, and have decided to drop any litigation plans. But their comments say a lot about their motives:
"There is a kiss that can be interpreted in many ways, but we have avoided the worst" said Giannis Varnakas, one of the lawyers, after the screening. Fortunately it was not what we had feared. The people can go and see the movie."

Well, gee. I'm sure Greek citizens everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief now that they've gotten the okay from a bunch of homophobes disguised as historians to go see a movie. Angelina Jolie fans everywhere can now see the film with no trepidation that there might be some homoeroticism. No, wait. For that demographic (myself included), this might actually be a deterrence. Hmm.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:36 AM