Monday, December 13, 2004

Joan of Arcadia - Dive 

God wants Joan to do something that scares her. Within moments of receiving the latest vague directive, she spots the recruiting table for the diving team. Since she's afraid of heights, she decides this must be the ticket.

Joan is also having lots of dreams about Judith, who keeps telling her to let go and enjoy life. After the diving team comes into the picture, Judith's dream appearances are combined with Joan on the high dive, with Judith (and then Cute Guy God) telling Joan to just let go and take the leap.

Unfortunately, Joan's first attempt at diving ends in a massive belly flop. Maintenance Woman God's response - "Belly flop. Eternally funny."

The good side is that seeing Joan face her fear of heights encourages Luke to face his fear of comparison to Kevin, and also tries out for the team. Luke's courage in turn prompts Grace to speak up to her mom.

But turns out that God wasn't talking about diving. He was talking about visiting Judith's grave and accepting the fact that she's really gone. In another amazing closing scene, Adam and Joan go to the cemetary, and Joan goes alone to the grave. She talks to Judith, spills her fears, lets go and takes her first steps at moving on. The Girl and I moved on to a new box of Puffs Plus.

Highlight of the episode: Judith in a yellow dress, performing a spectacular twisting, rolling dive from the high board, then bursting into a brilliant display of pixie dust and starlight over the pool.

In other news: Lucy sort of reveals her feelings for Will. Kevin gets back together with Beth, whose anxious glance at the back of his wheelchair spells bad things for the future, Helen reveals to Will her fear of God, and Will asks Ex-Sister Lilly to help Helen through this, thus revealing his acceptance of Helen's spiritual quest in spite of his own nonbelief.

But nothing beats Judith as starlight.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:01 PM