Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lost - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 

Dammit - they killed Charlie!!! Why would they kill Charlie??? We love Charlie!!!!!!! There was so much more he could do!!!

Oh wait - he's pulling away from Kate to go in for more...

Dammit - they ripped off The Abyss!!! Why would they rip off The Abyss??? We love the writers!!!!!!! They can do so much more!!!!!!!

If you haven't seen The Abyss, do so. It's a cool flick.

Anyway, Ethan and his unnamed and unseen by the viewers cohorts have kidnapped Claire and her potentially evil baby. Ethan left a rather unpleasant tree ornament for Jack as a warning to stop following him, since beating him senseless didn't do the trick.

This week's eye spy flashback is into Jack's working relationship with his Chief of Surgery dad, whose career Jack terminated by revealing that Daddy was operating drunk and killed the patient. Battling hunks Sawyer and Sayid come to some sort of mysterious truce and understanding. What - what's so funny about truce, hunks and understanding? Boone tries to boost his manly quotient by volunteering to go on the search party with Locke, Kate and Jack, much to his sister's chagrine. Who will she have left to flay emotionally? Boone and Locke do a little sharing on the search, when Boone reveals that he manages one of the regional offices of his mom's wedding empire, and Locke reveals that he is a regional collections supervisor (shout out to The Girl!!!!) for a box manufacturer. Boone doesn't believe him, and sticks by his earlier guesses that Locke is either a taxidermist or a killer for hire.

By the end of the episode, Michael feels inadequate (again), Kate shares that her dad was a consumate Army Ranger who used to take her hunting, Jack resolves more of his own daddy/esteem issues, Locke displays his meteorological abilities, Locke and Boone find a large metal something partially hidden in the mud, and Hurley reveals that back home he's "known as something of a warrior." Yes, amiable dude Hurley is a warrior. What kind of warrior? Hugo's not telling.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:00 AM