Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Parallel Posts of Presentation 

From Boley Blogs! I found a new blog by an anonymous law professor. The blog takes the straightforward title of Anonymous Law Professor. This self-described fictional tenured professor at a first tier school is using his blog space to provide insight to the "real world" of law professors. The author began the journey on December 2, and so far appears to be entertaining and amusing.

But of even more interest to me is the title this fictional author chose for the inaugural post. Compare to the title of my inaugural post, a little over a year ago.

Coincidence, inspiration, or fellow Babylon 5 fan? You decide.

In all truth, this seems to be one of the more popular titles for the first post of a blog. I didn't realize that when I came up with mine - I apparently was simply tapped into the same pool of phrases as much of the rest of the blogging world.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:21 PM