Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Peaceful Solstice to You 

I dug around a bit more to see what some of the folks working hard at this fight against "Happy Holidays," and the incident at this particular school. Focus on the Family thinks the outraged parents did just what they should have done, by "hitting" the school system "in the pocketbook." Never mind that they're also hitting they're own children and those of the community in the educational future. Focus on the Family also recommends this article to learn more about their battle against the scourge of secularism. This second article, posted yesterday, is all about how Macy's Department Store, the very setting of Miracle on 34th Street, is allegedly BANNING CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! From the article:
I'm not trying to suggest by this that Macy's has deliberately launched a campaign to rid the world of Christianity. It is simply being deceived by an enemy who has eyed that as his goal since the dawn of time.
Too bad the author (editor Gary Schneeberger) took the chosen Federated Stores (corporate owner of Macy's) quotes out of context, is giving a completely false impression, and didn't provide any links for the website's dedicated readers to check it out themselves.

So as a public service, here is the link to Federated Stores' homesite. Note the prominently displayed "Merry Christmas" greeting, complete with holly leaves and berries (whoops - aren't those a bit pagan? Never mind...). They also have a link in case you "have questions" about their use of the phrase. That link brings you to this page, the source of Mr. Schneeberger's quotes.

This explanation page starts right up front by pointing out that their individual divisions are free to reference Christmas as they feel appropriate. Christmas is mentioned no less than seven times in the opening paragraph. They continue that they hope no one will be offended by the use of "Merry Christmas" and that they also hope that no one will be offended by any efforts also to be inclusive of all their customers, even those who might not celebrate Christmas.

But it's the closing paragraph that really hits it home:
It is regrettable that an attempt to bring all people together in peace and love at this time of year is being perceived as offensive by some when clearly the intent is just the opposite. Nevertheless, we are proud of our commitment to diversity, and we believe this is a tradition worth embracing during all the seasons of the year.
Here, here.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:03 PM