Monday, December 06, 2004

Save Yourself from Inhibition-Free Phone Calls 

I must agree with Fool over at Fool's Blog on his conclusion to this new feature from Virgin Mobile Australia - show some restraint.

According to, the wireless service provider is now offering its customers a do-not-let-me-call service. The customer dials 333 plus a phone number, and anytime before 6:00 the next morning that the customer tries to dial that number, Virgin Mobile will block the call from going through, at the low low cost of 25 cents per blocked call.

Why would wireless users be interested in this action-negating option? To stop themselves from making drunken phone calls they will later regret. The company surveyed over 400 customers, and 95% admitted to having made post-libation calls, mostly to ex-partners and current partners, but also to employers and other friends, family and acquaintances.

So based on a history of having performed one or more of these incredibly bad judgment calls, the target consumer will now suddenly have the forethought and good judgment to plan ahead and block that call, since the block would likely be best done prior to any alchohol is consumed. Might a better plan be to avoid getting so drunk that you are tempted to make the to-be-blocked call in the first place? Or perhaps work on the issues that apparently only surface and take voice after a bellyfull of martinis?

Are these same people showing the same amount of concern for preventing themselves from driving after these same martinis? Or is it only personal humilation with which they are concerned, not physical harm to themselves and others?

Maybe if you're having this kind of problematic calling history, you should consider an alternative to an evening drinking with your mates. Call up the ex (or current, or boss, or whoever) while you're sober, and meet for lattes and conversation about whatever it is that is still unresolved.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:50 AM