Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Season of the Hat Head 

Okay, it's finally cold. I was just remarking to a friend a couple of days ago on how mild a winter we've been having. Temps in the 30's, dips into the 20's.

But today I broke out the winter coat (red L.L. Bean Maine Warden's Parka, nice and toasty) from its summer storage hanger to keep me warm on the commute in 17 degree weather. I unlocked my car (Jeep Wrangler Sport) door for the drive to the T station, but the door wouldn't open. I opened the passenger door and tried pushing the driver's door open from the inside, but it wasn't budging. I ended up climbing over the stickshift and emergency brake from the passenger's side to wedge myself down into the driver's seat. Glad I've been doing some stretching lately.

What really puzzles me is watching the other commuters waiting for buses at Copley. So many people stand there, shivering, looking all agitated and put out about being cold, but their jackets aren't fastened all the way up, or are completely open. Or they have perfectly good hoods going to waste. I didn't have my hood up either, but that's only because my hat was doing a fine job keeping my head warm. If the temperature drops, if I'm going to be standing there longer or if the wind picks up, I'm fully prepared to bring up the hood and fasten the wind flaps securely across my nose and mouth.

What's the point of having winter gear if you don't use it to keep warm?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:10 AM