Thursday, December 23, 2004

Solstice Gift - "Movies to Check Out" 

I had my usual biweekly lunch with my friend Not a Freak (who still hasn't done anything with her blog I set up almost a year ago - hint, hint) today, and she gave me the coolest Solstice gift from her and her girlfriend: Movies to Check Out: A Do-It-Yourself Movie Guide!

It's this cool little spiral bound book, with a section to list "Movies to See," a review section where I can make notes on the title, director, cast, genre, my rating, etc., a section to list My Favorites, and a couple of little pockets in the back.

I will have to have it in my bag at all times, ready for making note of promising trailers, and notes of note of movies I've just seen. Just what every Movie Fan needs!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:03 PM