Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Wonder Woman Speculation and Desire 

SciFi Weekly and its sister site Sci-Fi Wire delivered a double-whammy this week, with news and speculation about the much-longed for movie remake of Wonder Woman, and also a rumor of interest regarding Superman.

First they report that Ain't It Cool News reported and then TV Guide Online confirmed that Joss Whedon is "on the verge" of signing on to write and direct the big screen project. SciFi also references continuing unspecified sourced rumors that Sarah Michelle Geller and Charisma Carpenter are on the list of possible Wonder Women.

Then they report rumors found on Cinescape Online that Charisma Carpenter is also in the running to play Lois Lane in Bryan Singer's revisit with the Man of Steel, Superman Returns, along with Amy Acker (mm, Ilyria). The full list of Potentials includes Mischa Barton (The OC - this rumor was labeled false by Dark Horizons and Ain't It Cool News), Mia Kirshner (The L Word), Evangeline Lilly (Lost), Natalie Portman (Closer, Star Wars, Cold Mountain, Anywhere But Here, and on and on), and Keri Russell (Felicity). Sounds like they won't have trouble attracting an audience. I know I'll be dragging The Girl to the theater! FYI: After much speculation, Superman himself is now listed on IMDB as being played by Brandon Routh.

Finally, in the "Parts I Wish For," Minnie Driver discusses her wish (and her acceptance that it's not likely) to land the Wonder Woman role, preferably with Debra Winger as her costar, playing Wonder Woman's sister Drusilla. Winger's character was known as Wonder Girl in the tv series, as she was Wonder Woman's younger sister, so they'd have to do some tweaking there for the remake... But I'd go, nonetheless.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:40 AM