Monday, January 24, 2005

And the Snow, Snow, Snow Came Down, Down, Down 

And crept right into Boston.

Yes, we had a massive snowstorm this weekend. It was predicted to hit the Boston area in the afternoon, so I went on in to the NESL library Saturday morning to do some (okay, a bunch of) reading. My goal was to get Property and Environmental Law done for the week, then if time allowed I'd get a start on Law & Ethics of Lawyering. The weather planning was to leave the building when the first flakes hit, so I could walk to the T, get to Oak Grove and drive home before any real weather set in.

I had about 7 pages left of Environmental Law at 3:05, when I looked out the window from my Upper Mezzanine carell and spotted the snow whirling around the intersection of Charles and Stuart Streets. Bim, bam, boom I packed up the books, dumped them back in my locker, grabbed the books for Law & Ethics and Criminal Procedure, and headed out. Made it home no problem, except that The Girl didn't answer her phone when I called to let her know I was heading out. Turns out that she had tackled the maddening challenge that is the grocery store the afternoon before an expected blizzard. Brave, silly Girl. But she made it out, eventually, and we were able to hunker down with a fully stocked fridge and pantry.

11:00 pm Saturday night: Little more than a dusting, but the rate of snowfall seemed to have picked up.

9:00 Sunday morning: We're snowed in. Literally. We had to fight the doors to push them open through the drifted snow. But then the side walkway around the house was completely clear. The snow was extremely powdery, and the drifts were wild. We had about 3 feet all told, but some of the drifts were deep enough that some cars in driveways had only antennae visible. The plowbank at the end of our driveway (2 cars wide) was about 4.5 feet high, and about 6-7 feet deep (from our side to the street). But we grabbed our ergonomic handled snow shovels and tackled it head on. Later in the day, that is, after the snow tapered off.

By 3:30 we had a lovely, clear driveway once more. We were also dripping in sweat and fully of aching muscles, but the cars could exit onto the street. I'm not so sure how far they'll be going today, though. The T lists that the Orange Line is "experiencing significant delays" due to weather conditions, and who knows what the parking lot will be like? I can't drive to work, as Newton is still under snow emergency, which means I won't be able to park. But off I go, a brave little toaster, to give it a try. Whatever the work situation is, I won't be going to school tonight, since NESL was closed yesterday and is closed again today.

Update later.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:04 AM