Thursday, January 06, 2005

Back from the Vacation Abyss 

I took a few days off this week, to coincide with my last week of break from school, and delved deep into the world of cinematic entertainment. But alas, the time off had to end and I had to tear myself away from the box office and the DVD player and return to the world of work.

Among the activities of the New Year's weekend and the Mon-Wed following:
  • Attended a horrifying New Year's Eve party, in the company of a number of people who had been drinking since 9 am that day, most of whom were also chain smokers. We had been asked to arrive early, around 5:30 pm, so The Girl could practice with the band. Unfortunately, the other band members had also been drinking heavily for many hours, so while the drums (The Girl) were fabulous, the rest of the musicianship left something to be desired. Plus there was no food at all until about 10:00 pm, when a bowl of tortilla chips, a bowl of Ruffles and a bowl of salsa appeared, followed at 11:00 by a platter of bread with melted cheese and pepperoni. Around 12:30 some more substantial food appeared, after several obnoxious folk had sprayed champagne around the room and passersby at midnight.
  • Left the horrifying party and stayed at the home of The Creeping Unknown, where we regaled her and the Dark Lord with tales of the party, and where we ate wonderful french toast made with eggnog and challah bread.
  • Had a classmate and her husband over for steak and a movie on New Year's Day. A wonderful time was had by all, especially when we dug into the turtle cheesecake they brought along.
  • Movies at the theater: Being Julia, Kinsey, Sideways.
  • Movies on DVD: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Spiderman 2, Garden State, Mary Poppins, Hijacking Catastrophe.
  • Shows on DVD: Several episodes of Firefly and Angel Season 4.
  • Shows on Tivo: Much Buffy and Deep Space 9, plus finally a new episode of Lost!
  • Plus some laundry, snow shoveling, shopping, and a couple of meals at restaurants. We got some great deals on candles at Kohl's, and picked up two new snow shovels.

And now, back to work.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:34 AM