Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Behold the Power of Gay 

A group of parents in Gwinnett County, Atlanta claims only to have the best interest of the students at heart in their demands that Berkmar High School's "Gay, Lesbian and Straight Society" change its name.
"I submit to you the name itself is very sexually explicit, provocative and inflammatory," the group's spokesperson Faye Caldwell told the school board.
"People have very strong opinions about homosexuality. . . . There could be a confrontation. We must protect the well-being of the students."

Wow, who knew that just use of the words "gay" or "lesbian" could incite violence from which the students must be protected. Then again, if the students are that likely to start assaulting each other at the mere mention of "gay" or "lesbian," I'm thinking that alone justifies the need for the group.

I wonder if the school has a Republican Club or a Democratic Society. People have strong opinions about political affiliation.

The school principal earlier pulled a pair of point-counterpoint type editorials about the forming of the club, again based on the claim that the discussion would be inflammatory and disruptive. The principal also would not allow the newspaper editors to run blank pages with "Censored" printed across them, essentially censoring information about the censorship.

Last April the school paper (The Liberty, ironically) did run a story about a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, titled "State entrusts marriage definition to voters." Apparently stories about limiting the rights of gay men and lesbians isn't inflammatory, but stories about groups dedicated to building alliances and understanding are.

I do find it noteworthy that the school symbol is the exact reverse of the New England Patriots logo. What's up with that?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:21 PM