Monday, January 10, 2005

Book Muscles 

Oof. I loaded up the wheelie bag AND a big messenger bag this morning to transport my computer, power cords and books for the three classes I have this evening, and headed for the T.

I decided to detour over to NESL this morning to drop off the books and computer in my tiny little locker, so I wouldn't be hauling them back and forth to work, plus now I can just leave the wheelie bag in my office for the rest of the week, since the books will be taking up residence in the locker. No point bringing them home when I don't get home until 10 or 11 pm and have to leave at 6 am the next day.

Wheelie bags are great, but you still need to hoist the things up and down stairs, in and out of the car, over slushy curbs, etc. My book muscles are definitely out of shape - forearms and wrists are already aching, and my lower back isn't whistling show tunes either.

I really need to start working out again.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:13 AM