Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Commuting Postscript 

New piece of information on yesterday's commuting hell: my co-worker was on the same Orange Line train.

He lives 1.5 blocks from the Commuter Rail, so he trekked over to the station in the hopes of catching the train. Unfortunately, it was running on a Saturday schedule and even that wasn't running well. So he hopped onto the 131 bus that runs from Melrose Highlands to Oak Grove. His fate was sealed. He was on the same Train of Doom that I had boarded, but he was at the other end, which wound up being closer to the stairs at Malden Station.

After we were booted from the train at Malden, he noticed a few people waiting for the Commuter Rail, so he went over to that platform for a bit, but no train was in the offing. He gave up a bit earlier than I did, and went downstairs in hopes of catching the 8:00 bus back. When the bus didn't show, he called his wife and she drove over and picked him up. If he had spotted me, they would have given me a lift back to Oak Grove. Damn!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:24 AM