Friday, January 07, 2005

Corporate Politics Through Calendars 

The Guyfriend and I did a bit of 2005 calendar perusing at lunchtime today, at both Newbury Comics and Wal-Mart. I was actually at Wal-Mart to pick up some cool new folders and a portable 3-hole punch, but that's another geeky story.

I found it amusing that among Newbury Comics' various offerings featuring bands, tv shows and various retro themes (I need to let The Creeping Unknown know about the Curious George calendar and the Pulp Movie Calendar) was a Bill Clinton Calendar. I actually considered purchasing it for my office, as a reminder of auld lang syne.

But then, as we were checking out the calendars at Wal-Mart, I saw that among all the cutesy, inspirational and semi-religious calendars (including the Passion of the Christ calendar) was a Ronald Reagan calendar.

The secret is now out. To help you determine the corporate ideology of a given retailer, check out the calendar selection.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:30 PM