Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Guest Blogging Across the Universe 

Evan Schaeffer, multi-blawger extraordinaire, graciously invited me last week to be one of his guest bloggers on Notes From the (Legal) Underground, and I enthusiastically accepted. My guest post, titled "Boston Legal: What's In It For You?" was published this morning.

Today's other guest blogger is Georgia State University Professor Martin Grace, whose own blog is RiskProf. His post is titled "Continuing the Med-Mal Debate: Insurance as a Whipping Boy?" and continues the medical malpractice and tort reform debate that has been going on over at Notes from the (Legal) Underground and in the Bush Administration. Okay, maybe the Administration hasn't been holding a debate as pushing an agenda. Oops, have I given away my position on the subject?

Anyway, check out the guest post. Hopefully I've been able to make an enjoyable contribution to Evan's always entertaining and enlightening blog.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:17 AM