Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Joan of Arcadia - Queen of the Zombies 

Fabulous. Go Glynis! Good job in Spiderman 2, by the way. When Joan started singing perched atop the rising moon, I thought her voice was a good high school show voice, okay. But then the aptness of the words, and the heart she put into it... Sniff. Pass the Puffs Plus. I had to rewind the Tivo and play it again. I didn't see the Director God twist coming. I guess after De-Lovely, God's gotten kind of used to the Director role. I'm glad Kevin apologized to Andy for not believing him, but I didn't buy that he would have accused him of lying in the first place. Andy hadn't lied to this point - he'd been whiny, self-loathing, self-centered and shirking of his own responsibilities in life, but to my knowledge he hadn't lied. I'm also glad some of the seething but unacknowledged anger is dissipating from the Girardi household. It just didn't fit in that lovely arts and crafts house.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:12 AM