Friday, January 07, 2005

Kids of Gay Parents Have Cooties 

CNN reported this week that a group of parents with children enrolled at St. John the Baptist School, a catholic school in Costa Mesa, CA, are enraged that the school has enrolled twin boys into the kindergarten class, despite the fact that the boys' parents are two gay men. The group is demanding that the school institute a policy whereby only families who "pledge to abide by Catholic teachings" be allowed to send their kids to the school.

The superintendent of diocese schools, Rev. Gerald M. Horan, has wisely pointed out that such a policy would require a large cut in the number of students presently enrolled, as any student whose parents were divorced, used birth control or were married outside of the church would be barred.

The upset parents are threatening to remove their own children from the school, and may appeal to the Vatican to intervene. One parent had this to say:
"The boys are being used as pawns by these men to further their agenda," said Monica Sii, who has four children at the school.

Huh. It seemed to me that the men were simply trying to put their kids into school. If they had been trying to further an agenda, you'd think they would have presented their views to the LA Times, which originally published the story. That story and another LA Times article provide more details, such as that the twins are baptized Catholics, and quotes other parents who are supportive of the school's current admission policies.

On the other hand, the angry parents do indeed appear to be using a couple of 5-year-olds to advance their own agenda of hatred and exclusion against the kids' parents. FYI - the parents making the demands are represented by Newport Beach attorney Michael Joseph Sundstedt.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:44 AM