Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lost - Hearts and Minds 

I spy with my little eye - several layers of mindfuck.

Last night's iris cam was dedicated to Shannon and Boone, and through their flashbacks and Boone's conversations with the continuingly inscrutable Locke we learn:

  • They are stepsiblings. Shannon was 8 and Boone was 10 when her father married his mother.
  • Shannon has stepmom issues.
  • Shannon has a habit of using people without regard for the consequences.
  • Boone has a habit of paying off Shannon's poorly chosen boyfriends to dump her.
  • Shannon at least once set up the Boone payment in order to get the money herself.
  • Shannon's Australian bloke double-crossed her and left town with Boone's $50K.
  • Shannon got drunk, confronted Boone about his being in love with her, and they have sex in Boone's incredibly pricey hotel room that overlooks Syndey Harbor, including the Opera House. She then resumes her usual disdainful attitude.
We also get a glimpse of Sawyer being hauled in handcuffs through a Sydney police station, where Boone is trying to bully some cops into checking in on Shannon and her seemingly abusive fella.

In other news, we are led to believe that Locke is more of a psychofreak than we thought when he assaults Boone for wanting to tell Shannon the Secret of the Mystery Bunker. Locke, after telling Boone that Boone needs to let go of some things, whacks Boone on the head with a knife handle, ties him to a log in an incredibly intricate manner, slaps some homemade wound treatment on his head, and leaves him there with a knife just out of his reach. He assures Boone that he'll be able to cut himself loose when he has the right motivation. That motivation comes in the form of Shannon tied to a nearby tree with the Screaming Meemie Monster closing in. He gets loose, cuts her loose, and they run, hide and run some more. Shannon is just too tempting a treat, though, and the Screaming Meemie Monster chews her up and spits her out, bloody, with gaping wounds, and very much dead. That night Boone tries to kill Locke (ha - like that's going to be successful!), and discovers that the whole thing was a hallucination induced by the mystical faux head wound goo and the magic of the island. Locke seems surprised and intrigued that Boone's motivation was Shannon - I think he now knows their sultry Sydney secret. See TV Tome note below.

Hurley and Jin have an amusing B-story in which Hurley sucks up to Jin in order to learn the secrets of fishing. Apparently Hurley's been eating nothing but fruit, and it's wreaking havoc on his digestive system. They come to an amusing settlement.

Everybody else is there for exposition purposes, but we do learn that Sun, now joined by Kate, has been cultivating a garden and grove, and Kate figures out Sun's linguistic secret when Sun laughs at a joke in the garden. It also appears that Sun is falling back in love with Jin now that he's out from under the evil influence of Sun's mobster father.

There's some vague compass mystery involving Jack, Sayid, Locke and a compass. Either the magnetic fields on the island or freaky or Locke is up to something. Again. But I'm sure if it's Locke, it's something really deep, meaningful and ultimately for the greater good and involves becoming enlightened.

Next week: I have no idea, since ABC is screwing around with their broadcast times again. Tivo stopped recording at 9:01 (it extended the time on its own due to the published broadcast schedule) and yet still cut off the last moments of the show. According to TV Tome, I missed Boone telling Locke that he felt relieved when he thought Shannon was dead, and Locke saying that Boone needs to let Shannon go.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:48 AM