Monday, January 10, 2005

Lost - Whatever the Case May Be 

This seemed like kind of a set up episode. Nothing incredibly exciting, no big news, but lots of groundwork for future episodes and revelations.

This week's flashback is again spotlight on Kate. We first see her as an innocent bank customer seeking a loan for her photography business, when she's taken hostage during a robbery, but it turns out she was actually the mastermind behind the crime. So, Kate's a bad girl.

BUT, then it turns out that she shot her three cohorts in order to prevent them from shooting the bank manager. So, maybe Kate's undercover or something.

BUT, then it turns out that she set the whole bank robbery scenario up in order to force the bank manager to use his key to open a security deposit box to which she has the co-key, but to which she is not a signatory. She then removes the only item in the box, a single envelope. So, Kate's once again and still a mystery.

On the island, Kate and Sawyer run into each other in the jungle and recommence their junior high sexual tension banter. They then discover a waterfall and fresh water pool and decide to have a celebratory swim. For some reason, Sawyer decides to remove only his shirt and shoes, and dives in with his jeans still on. Wouldn't that be incredibly uncomfortable? We've already seen him walk out of the ocean stark naked in front of Kate and taunt her with his own lack of embarrasment, so why wouldn't he have taken off the jeans? Kate, on the other hand, strips down to her pricey looking skivvies. How is she keeping those things so clean and looking like she just picked them up at Victoria's Secret? They've been on the island for WEEKS now. Even if she had several pair and managed to find them, she'd have to be doing some serious scrubbing after all this time.

But back to the actual story. While diving in the pool, they discover a row of airplane seats which still have the designated passengers strapped in, and the under-the-seat luggage still in place. Sawyer digs right in with the looting, and Kate surprisingly joins in, but her choice of the spoils is the locked metal briefcase under the seat. Sawyer pulls out his bully routine and takes it away. The fight over possession and entry into the briefcase consumes most of the rest of the show, and includes some amusing scenes in which Sawyer tries to pop open this apparently super-security brand of case. Even Michael and Hurley recognize the futility. Kate goes to the Shiny Knight in Waiting, Jack, and convinces him to dig up the Marshall, as it's his case and contains several guns and ammo, which shouldn't fall into Sawyer's hands. She also manages to further alienate Jack by lying to him about not finding the key in the Marshall's wallet, when he saw her palm it. Big argument, emotional turmoil, and Kate fesses up that the envelope belonged to "the man I loved. The man I killed." Jack stalks away, and Kate opens the envelope to reveal a tiny little die-cast airplane model. What?

In other low level action, Charlie and Denial/Faith Lady (with the Missing Tail Section Husband) bond over grief and knowing when to ask for help. Shannon and Boone fight some more about Shannon's alleged uselessness. Sayid and Shannon attempt to decipher some mathematical equations and notations in French that Sayid lifted from Crazy Danielle. Shannon continues to protest that she barely speaks French, and then proceeds to demonstrate great proficiency, but no one seems to notice, and Sayid says that their efforts are useless, which clearly Shannon takes to mean that she's useless. Turns out the notations were the French lyrics to Beyond the Sea, which she then sings. Boone and Locke are continuing to work in secret on their mysterious metallic find in the mud. Claire is still missing. The tide is shifting, the fusilage will soon be underwater, and the beach group shifts up the shoreline a bit.

One more question - shouldn't the survivors have been more concerned about getting the rotting bodies out of the new source of fresh water than on who gets to keep the shiny, shiny briefcase?

Next week: Locke gets cranky, Boone gets a headache, and Shannon gets airlifted. Not in a good way.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:52 AM