Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sci-Fi Geek 

I've added yet another layer of confirmation to my status as a sci-fi entertainment geek. My new "Exercise" Netflix subqueue is already loaded up with a payload of (mostly) sci-fi DVDs to keep me distracted while gliding away in the morning:

All 40 series DVDs for Star Trek: The Original Series
All 30 series DVDs for Babylon 5
All 10 Star Trek movie DVDs
18 DVDs for the first 3 seasons of Angel (The Girl gave me Season 4 for Christmas)
All 12 series DVDs for Dark Angel
All 4 series DVDs for Crusade

Does it seem odd to you that ST:TOS would comprise that many DVDs? It is odd. Paramount only put two episodes on each disc, while most TV-to-DVDs have 4- 6 episodes per disc. Oh, plus you can only get the bonus materials if you buy the box set for each season.

Anyway, these should keep me busy for a while, since I get through one episode per exercise session, and will probably get through maybe half a movie per session. The Girl is just happy that she doesn't have to watch them.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:51 PM