Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before 

My first Star Trek DVD arrived from Netflix, and I watched Production Episode 2 (the pilot episode isn't included, and they're listed by production number rather than in order aired) this morning while I worked out. Now, I'm a total Star Trek Geek when it comes to the newer series, but have only seen sporadic reruns of the original, so this is all new turf for me. And quite exciting. Geek.

-Who is that playing the psychiatrist, Dr. Dehner? She looks like Geena Davis, but this originally aired in 1965, so that's not likely. Damn - I know that face. Check credits - it's Sally Kellerman.

-No voiceover or singing during the opening. Guess they added that later.

-The women in Starfleet had yet to be consigned to short, short, impractical skirts. I wish they had kept that up. The pants are so much more functional. But they did treat the women much more protectively than in the later shows, and at one point Dr. Dehner apologized for her "cold" personality by saying, "Professional women do tend to overcompensate." Ouch. I liked how they bridged the uniform issue in the early episodes of ST: The Next Generation, where Starfleet personnel seemed to have a choice of skirt or pants, and it didn't seem to have any gender restrictions, as some of the male crew were wearing the skirts/short dresses. Still, I'm glad that as the show evolved they shifted over to pants for everyone. Even better is on ST: Enterprise, where they all (except T'Pol, who wears sort of "essence of Starfleet") wear the very utilitarian coveralls with lots of pockets.

-Spock's lineage and history hasn't been fully determined yet, as first he appears not only to deny being frustrated, but he has to ponder a moment to define this human emotion. When he loses his chess game and Kirk suggests that Spock now understands frustration, Spock speculates that perhaps one of his ancestors had married a human. By later in the life of Star Trek we know that in fact Spock's mother was human and he had battled his emotions all his life.

-Ah, the initial use of the ripped shirt to highlight Kirk's hunky muscles. Hard to believe he turned into Denny Crane.

-We've got Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Sulu in this episode. I guess the rest of the eventual core cast were added later. No red shirts yet. The uniforms are yellow or blue. There may have been a peach, but that could have just been a yellow in odd lighting.

-The crew's a bit lax in protocol and demeanor. They lean on their workstations, and use first names much more than rank or last name.

-Spock sounds like a drill sergeant on the bridge. Glad they toned that down eventually.

-They started right out with their cautionary tales about humanity advancing abilities without the benefit of the time in which to develop the wisdom to utilize those abilities.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:14 PM