Friday, January 21, 2005

Things Not to Do During Class 

So there's this website that has a stickman, and it has a box where you can type in a command for it to perform. It used to be that no matter what you told it to do , it would give you the finger. It was hilarious.

Last night during Law and Ethics of Lawyering, when class was winding down and getting incredibly boring, I decided to give my friends a giggle by bringing up the subservient stickman on my screen. They've upgraded him, and he will now actually do all kinds of stuff! They have a bunch of commands that you can select, or you can type your own. to see the original, type "give the finger"

I made him vomit and then I made him spontaneously combust, then I sent the URL to my two IM conferenced friends, one of whom was sitting next to me. A few seconds later I glance at her screen, and she's on the site. She made the very unfortunate choice of selecting "Make the Helicopter." Go visit Subservient Stickman and check it out - but only when no one is watching, as it's not particularly workplace or child friendly (no sound, though).

She rapidly closed her screen after turning 17 shades of red, and I then IM'd her that she's a pervert. Then, without knowing what was going on, my other IM conferenced friend chose the exact same command!!!

It was difficult to make it through the remaining minutes of class without bursting out into uncontrolled peals of laughter. As soon as the professor left, I lost it. I couldn't breathe, and tears were running down my face.

So let this be a lesson. No matter how far the classroom conversation has drifted from useful, no matter how dull it has become, be warned that if you try to surreptitiously liven things up, you might regret it.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:19 AM