Friday, January 21, 2005

US Commission on Civil Rights - Redefining Relocated 

Back in October, I posted about the draft copy of the report by the US Commission on Civil Rights entitled "Redefining Rights in America: The Civil Rights Record of the George W. Bush Administration, 2001-2004," and the ruckus that was being made by the Republican members of the Commission that the draft had been posted on the Commission's website. The posting was done according to the Commission's own policy.

It's interesting reading, and I encourage everyone to follow the link above and read it. Unfortunately, you can no longer access it directly from the Commission's homepage. The link has been taken down to conform with a new policy. The document itself is still where it was, but they've made it more difficult to find it. In case you hadn't guessed, the report is rather (very) critical of President Bush's civil rights record during his first term.

Tip from Pacific Views, in turn from Paper Chase.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:33 PM