Friday, January 14, 2005

Weather Whiplash 

Just as I'm accepting the idea that Boston has been transplanted to Ferenginar, apparently now we're moving to Ice Station Zebra.

We've had wet snow, sleet, rain, mist, and yesterday the fog was unbelievable. The current temperature is 60 degrees. Last night as it was warming, the snow on the side of the highway was sublimating, and the resulting mists were forming phantom-like tendrils that danced on the edge and stretched out toward the passing cars. Very creepy. Then closer to home, the golf course at the end of the block was generating so much fog that The Girl drove right past the turn for our street!

But by this afternoon the temperature will have dropped to the 30's, with a possibility of snow. By tonight we'll be in the teens. I didn't even need a jacket on the way to work today, but I had to be prepared for the cold wintry commute home this evening. It felt odd carrying a winter coat while walking on such a warm spring-like day.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:12 AM